As many of you know, email spam and scams that are sent requiring immediate action are on the rise. There has apparently been an uptick in a spammer/scammer using one of our email addresses to cause our customers to click on a link in the email otherwise they will loose their email. Once they click on this link it asks for your login info. Please note: WE DO NOT SEND OUT SUCH EMAILS! If there was a problem with your email with us, we would contact you directly and not require you to click on any links. A way to tell if the link is legitimate or not is to simply put the mouse over the link and look at the web address that comes up. Unless it is a known web address TO YOU, do not click on it. Delete the email or forward it on to us for investigation. NEVER at any time would we ask you to verify your identity through a link. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your continued support.